adventure time

Friday good so far. Had a nice breakfast, nap and did my nails extra pretty. Looking springy with the pink & green favorites. I'm off to AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). Nothing like having a free day to do what you like and go to the gallery! I'm planning on checking out this one again. He's a man on a box on the top floor. I like it. I'd love a box painting of me in a cool pose. Enjoy your afternoon!!

yeah, i'd call it a good friday

Today is good Friday. All that means to me is l.o.n.g. weekend. Heck yes! I went for a walk and coffee and soaked up some sunshine. Then I came home and hung out with my BFF; we look very much alike.
I've been feeling super busy lately and have been looking forward to this weekend so I can chill out and relax. I love spending time at home with myself. It's really important to take time for yourself & recharge. If I don't get self time I get grumpy. Today, I'm feeling great. Happy Holiday to everyone celebrating. I'll be celebrating myself!

casie's animal kingdom

Last night I went to bed early and today I woke up early. I needed that. This fluctuating weather has got my energy spent. I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite furry friends, Smudgey. Smudge is a friends cat and my favorite. Those that know me well are aware that I am not the biggest fan of pets. I've never had a dog and it's been years since I had a cat. The thing I don't like is when their hair and slob get on your stuff. Especially when you stop by someones place before heading out while dressed nice and slobber-dog grazes your knee with his lips. That does it for me, turns me right off having a pet at the moment. I'm sure a time will come. Until then, I give you, Smudgey to the tune of MIA's Jimmy covered by Of Montreal.