Hm. Mr. Tapeminatti, who are you?

I received a comment from an anonymous reader...

I think Mr. Tapeminatti, who ever he is, has picked up on my interest in his business and is now playing a little game with me. Seems like he/they/whoever, may have ghost written me and now I am intrigued! I further explore the world of this unique media that I see all over downtown. The thing I really enjoy is the mystery behind it all. It's my favorite type of marketing, the 'roach-bait' style.

A marketing message delivered by an actor posing as a regular person with the intention of having that message passed along to many others....

"Anonymous said...

nice thought
know you not
full story got

know more than before
but still no score
learning evermore

the more you seek
the more you see
Tapeminatti is
come Unity

Tapeminatti does provide these services but is not limited to them."

My friend Daniel is a very inspiring individual.

Daniel Patricio is a 20 year old Ryerson University student and a Hospice of Peel volunteer for the past two years. Daniel approached Hospice and said he would like to contribute in a bigger way.

Daniel is raising funds to put Christmas dinner on the table and provide for families affected by terminal illness and their kids. He is asking for $10 which will go directly for Hospice of Peel.

Many of these families divert most of their valuable time, energy and finances to fighting illness which causes them to forget to cherish their last moments with their loved ones. In these precious last moments, we would like to give families the chance to embrace these last days as memorable ones.

I am a big believer in giving and that it truly is it's own gift. Take a few minutes to donate to a good cause and shine some light on your day by helping out someone else. Feel free to tell me your stories of giving. I love sharing the positive vibes

Do it today!

Holiday time means....STUFF FOR YOU!

In December I am going to be giving away this lovely Givenchy Organza gift set from my friends at Givenchy. I'm in the process of setting up a contest and using my creativity to sort out the details. I'd love to know if you have any ideas!

In Givenchyʼs 2008 Holiday Collection, the Organza set comes with a 50mL spray, 75mL silky body veil and a 75mL shower gel. The gift set is available exclusively at The Bay and the suggested retail price is $ 80. What a great gift!