Be Inspired

I sat in on a friends class a few years ago at University of Waterloo. I do not remember what she was taking as her major but I have always taken a liking to university classes no mater what genre. The class I attended this particular day was on focused on Shakespeare. It made me think "Shakespeare is fascinating, I want to be fascinating". I came up with two things inspired by the class. Often, when I am in class, especially when not a registered student, I am inspired by a variety in topics and unexpected ideas of interest.

acutely ironic
a bird writes a sonnet
sings the sonnet
out of tune
across the river
to a loon

Prof, English

speak prof speak
for what you say
is what you teach

teach prof teach
for i sit here
and yearn to learn

read prof read
for what you do
is how you lead

lead prof lead
for i sit here
and fight to write