one more day and i'm one year older

Each year when I birthday rolls around I feel a bit of anxiety planning something that's 'all about me'. I know that seems surprising because I write about myself each day, but this is like a diary and I write to remember. I love planning events, but events for other people, charity and helping others. It's easier when it's not all about me, although I obviously like the attention. So, when everyone asks 'what are you doing for your birthday?' I rarely have one answer and it usually results in anxiety. I'm gonna be home tomorrow night and have some friends over. I think it would be asshole of me to expect a big shout out when I don't have the cash to pay for it all. Wait till next year...I'll start planning waaaay early to alleviate the last minute anxiety I'm facing now. All week I've been seeing friends and doing fun things. The things is, that's not much different from all the other days. I try to make sure that my friends know I love them and that I am very thankful to have them in my life. This the best birthday gift anyone could ask for. This picture I love.

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