hop to it kiddios

Hopscotch on Queen Street starring Casie from Vimeo.

Hopefully you're noticed that you can now comment on blog using Facebook Connect. This allows you to leave a comment and not have to enter your information and gives you the opportunity ability to publish in your FB news feed also. This is cool. Twitter Trackbacks should be there too. I'm making lots of changes this week and moving blog to Wordpress on Friday. I'm stoked. I've been working at this for years and it's growing to the point where some really awesome stuff is happening. If you or someone you know wants to advertise with me or on le blog I'm taking bids. This is my blog and I only want to advertise things I like, luckily, I like lots of stuff and am open to making new friends. Have your peeps email mine: casie at casiestewart.com

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