put on that ruskie baby

I'm love my ruskie hat, plus, it is warm as hell. It's winter in Toronto and the wind is once again whipping at my windows. There's something about Russian girls and theses hats that is super hot. I keep thinking to myself 'each day is one closer to summer' hoping it will keep my spirits up. I usually get the S.A.D.ness this time of year and I'm tryna fight it. Taking vitamin D and B50 complex helps alot.


Anonymous said...

You look so wonderful! Cozy and Warmly! Don't be sad, winter is truely "...a best time of the year". Let's join skies of all kinds, it's such a fun! Your super-warm hat will help you and keep you warm - you won't even notice how cold is outside :)
BTW, Russians call this hat "ushAnka", meaning that the hat covers the ears :) This is funny and cute word... :)

Take care!

Anonymous said...

That communist flag is out of date surely. Or may be not with the banks.

Adam said...

That is an increadibly cool photo!

I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

howdy friends,

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