an old guy

I was living in Fort Wayne, Indiana with for part of 2005. It was an interesting experience living in the US. I like Canada better. I didn't work (no visa) and spent most days around the house, burning DVD's and writing.
12/5/2005 at 12:36 PM

Sitting here feeling warm,

Watching the sun shine on my arm.

Without a job I bought more time,

The cost is starting to cross the line.

Do the chores clean the house,

This place is quiet as a mouse!

The snow is melting outside the door,

As winter passes like the year before.

Many changes the year has brought,

Many lessons have been taught.

To the kitchen to make a meal,

Wearing an apron & stiletto heels.


CASE STUDY said...

I got a few Twitter messages asking for a pic in the apron/heels. Ya?

Anonymous said...

this is Casie? I dont even recognze hair, OMG that's a shock!!

Mercy D/artist

CASE STUDY said...

Yeppers! I've had so many different colours, blonde is my favorite. Black is waaaaay too dark and depressing for me!