and feeling healthy

May of us struggle with self image and how we see ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with images and advertisements about losing weight, shedding pounds and how to be healthier. I saw this card on PostSecret today and thought about how I am thankful. Over the years, despite always being pretty mini, I've struggled with self image and feeling like a fat ass.When I came home form Australia, I was barely 100 pounds. Any of my friends that saw me when I came home were like "what the fuck, where did you go? where are your boobs? you are too skinny!". It was not good or healthy. I now maintain a comfortable weight combined with eating healthy and regular. It takes really learning to love yourself and to be able to overcome a challenge. We are all strong and if you believe in yourself, you can do anything. I've done a bunch of things in my life that when I look back at, I feel proud. There is nothing like the feeling of joy when you set your mind on a goal and achieve it!!

Sending you all love and light.
Go take on the world!! xo