why pay for school when you can educate for free

I have a confession to make and am doing it publicly for education's sake. I went to university and college over 4.5 fun filled years. I am a big fan of education and educate myself every single day. While I was in post secondary school, I rarely bought any books. I learned most the stuff I needed to pass class online; yes from the Internet. This is the library I where I used to hang out.
By doing this I saved money for other important things which I am sure you can imagine. I also chose which classes I attended very carefully; the mandatory ones with attendance and quizzes. Be careful if you choose to take this route, it can be dangerous, it involves a lot of self-motivation and self-study that other people just don't actually 'see' happening. In other words, I got into a few scraps with several students over how the hell I got the grade with no books while skipping class. It takes work. That's how I did it.

My thirst for knowledge has always run strong and this carried me through school. Stay tuned into things you like, follow your passions. One of my dear friends sent me this great vid called Five Minute University. Law School sounds like an option for me I reckon. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Casie I think we are related. I wrote about the exact same thing only a couple of days ago.

CASE STUDY said...

Saw your post. Amazing. We've got this education thing down pat!