if you're canadian, sing it, sing it,

I sang or listened to our national anthem everyday while growing up. I learned it in both official languages. I still remember it and can sing it the way we used to, like half English half French. My parents grew up singing God Defend New Zealand. They did not grow up in Canada like I did. I have dual citizenship' but I live here and feel Canadian. New Zealand has two national anthems of equal standing - 'God Defend New Zealand' and 'God Save The Queen'.
The reason:

'National songs, ballads and hymns have a tendency to elevate the character of a people and keep alive the fire of patriotism in their breasts'. The Saturday Advertiser and New Zealand Literary Miscellany, 1 July 1876
Honestly, I think if you go to Canadian school and work in the Canadian economy and and choose to be Canadian, learn the fucking anthem as a kid in school. Some people in New Brunswick don't think so. In summary of you havent seen the news "principal's decision, eliminate tradition, singing O Canada, sparked outrage, parents, the country...heated debate...blah blah blah".


Ines said...

I agree everyone living in Canada should sing the national anthem, STANDING UP. No exceptions. At least to honour the men and women who died so we can live in freedom.

We shall never ever forget the aboriginal people who have welcomed our ancestors on the soil we call Canada. We should always pay respect to them and be grateful that we can happily live here.