put the ketel on ice baby

I went to a Ketel One sampling event last week. It was fun. Thanks Ketel One. Here is the story, I wrote it down.

I arrived at Kultura as the
clock struck six.
I tiptoed to the top
and entered a door

starred 'special'.
I was sure
this was going to be
a great experience...


The Daniel said...

It's funny that you and I sat at the same table and now I find out you're friends with Tahnee who used to work with me a few months ago. And your blog keeps coming in my google alerts. Keep it in your pants, Stewart.

CASE STUDY said...

Aha!! Tahnee is my bff dude!! Where did you guys work together? Nice meeting you by the way...any hints on finding your 'mystery' blog?

CASE STUDY said...


Check out Miss Fit Toronto's post from the same night :)

The Daniel said...

you'll find it when you find it, i'm sure. And you can ask Tahnee if you haven't already... the suspense will kill you, i'm sure. Apparently, I'm sure of a lot of things. Also, I tipped my cabbie that night with the Grand Marnier in our gift bags.

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