we are moving particles of matter

vintage series: written by me on may 17, 2007

"Internet stalking? Who is really stalking who?

Me sitting here on my computer. You would know by looking online that I have been 'Facebooking' for about the last hour or so. Chatting, writing notes, tagging friends in photos, and checking my events and sh** like that. At work, when I log on in the morning, scripts run, and documents are recorded with times, dates, locations, ISP's, with IBM's all over the place. I recall 1984, the classic by George Orwell. I remember the book vaguely, which I may even recite by memory. I think I read only the 'Coles Notes' and still have the hardcover at Mums' house from the local public library circa 1998.

In a recent discussion, I came to the conclusion that anyone...government, organizations, the Internet, anyone could be stalking me right now. In the world I live in, I am run by the Internet and my computer. I rely on them for knowledge, weather, news, fashion, gossip, history, travel, alerts and everything else that I don't know yet but Google does, and, I'll tell you in a minute. I start to think further about the potential of this awareness of what I am actually doing, all the time.

The boys start talking as I come up with an idea. Imagine the government infused our blood with a specific DNA that is able to be seen and or tracked due to its scientific makeup. What a scary thought.

You could see what we are moving particles of matter."