sunshine? i'll need the afternoon off

Tomorrow is going to be SUPER awesome, I'm talking like 18 degrees and 100% sunshine. For this reason, I have appropriately taken the afternoon off. Tonight is going to be a busy one. I'm heading to meet Miss Kingi Carpenter at Peach Beserk on Queen then to the Redwire launch party. Peach Beserk is having a launch party for their new Online Dress Designer. Yahooo! I've loved this shop forever and am yet to own anything. Kingi said to bring along something to print and I've carefully packed this little red number from AA. It's washed & ready to become something new!
I had a lovely lunch outside today. I wasn't sure what to eat and I recalled a time back in Bondi when I was really struggling for money. I used to go to the deli and get a bun and piece of meat and that was lunch for just a couple bux.


T.O.Posterboy said...

I wish Peach berserk made mens cloths... Last year they had fwabic posters..