see you on the patio guys

Today is a wonderful day because I will be taking the afternoon off. I will be lazing around by the pool in my bikini with a fresh fruit smoothie and a blanket. I'm thinking that I should bring a sunbrella so I can have some shade. Wore a cute outfit today. The neon Harvey's shades that are MINE from the 80's top it off for sure.

I'm gonna post about it later but you should totally check out the Peach Beserk design a dress site. It's totally rad. I hung out at the shop yesterday and did some screen printing. It was the coolest thing ever. You can pick everything including the hair. I made this pink & red one. Stylespiration. After letting some creative juices flow I went to #postworkdrinks at Gretzky's and let me tell you, it was hoot! The Tweeps are so cool. It was a good time. Happy to see YOU ALL again. There were more pix but everyone was wasted so I saved the embarrassment for another time. Have a great day!
Don't forget this awesomeness. haha

Pushups at the Bar from someone who drinks beers.