stick it to the aussies like that, eh

Air New Zealand has great food
and also has a sense of humor...

I saw a deal selling a trip to NZ for $1,278 with a stop in Sydney for free. First of all, this is a great price and secondly, an amazing idea. I think of the Aussie/Kiwi relationship in the same way I do the Canadian/American relationship. They are funny and nice (and good looking) and the Americans, well, you get my point. I mean, no offense to anyone from Australia or the US, just a good laugh.

Kiwi's have the piss taken out of them more than necessary the Aussies and my friends make fun of me. Here's a laugh I found...

A pregnant Aussie and a pregnant kiwi are sitting on a park bench knitting jumpers for there unborn babies, the Aussie says to the Kiwi lass

"I hope mines a boy, cause I'm using blue wool" the Kiwi has a think about it and a few minutes later says,

"Hope mines retarded, I just fucked up the arms."