the tall tower is timeless, technology takes us higher

I look out my window and stare at the tower all the time. I was thinking how crappy their website for the unit was several months ago, they must have heard me say that because they updated it. Every night at the top of the hour there is a crazy laser light show that I absolutely love. I have been studying it (its right out my window OK!!) and it seems to be getting more complex and adding more colours & designs all the time.
Here are my favorite facts:
  • Millions of colours and infinite effects
Microprocessor controlled, each fixture can produce 16.7 million colours. Intelligent digital control makes the system programmable from a single computer console. Each fixture has a unique “address” that can be programmed individually to create an infinite variety of lighting effects
  • Directional lighting
Unlike conventional light sources, one of the unique benefits of LEDs is that they are directional; light output can be controlled and precisely directed. Therefore the resulting lighting will illuminate the Tower while ensuring light output does not “spill” or interfere with nearby hotels, office towers or residences.
  • Low maintenance
The LED technology installed at the CN Tower is designed to achieve excellent performance standards and with its intended use is expected to last in excess of 10 years, requiring minimal fixture replacement and maintenance. Unlike conventional lighting systems, the new system will not require frequent replacement and disposal of light bulbs.

Find out more information including how you can get the lights programmed for your event by visiting the site.