Crazy Jungle

I don't go t church. However, if church parties are anything like this cra-zay shit. Someone get me on Sunday morning after i've been out all damn night. My friend passed this on to me just now. It's wild. The dude starts MC'ing and everyone is dancing like fucking mad. I enjoyed it, hopefully you will too. The creator calls it, Baptazia church techno rave. I call it awesome.

Vintage: Conchords - Vids

Brett & Jemaine are so fucking funny. Last year when I was doing a breif stint serving at Hemingway's, I was working on the patio and had been watching Conchords on ROD (Rogers on Demand) non-stop. I just could not get enough.
I saw this one guy who had the most uncanny resemblance to Jemaine and I had also been checking out this other cute boy who looked kinda like Brett. I always have a thing for those ones. Blue eyes and the beard, yum. Being my cool as self, I told them both about FOTC and they were like 'ok, sounds kinda cool'. Now for the best part, rounded them up like sheep's and pseudo-Brett, followed by pseudo-Jemaine got together for a pic, all for me. Thank god for being a crazy cool kiwi girl.

This is Why he Will Lose the Election

Because we are so very surrounded and consumed by the internet and sharing online it is impossible to not have images and content spread like wildfire. The photo below, in my belief is why McCain will lose the election. I know, I know, it's never just one thing, but THAT is enough to make you go 'ok, what the fuck is up with that old fart?'. Like seriously.
If I were him I'd just stay at home and call it a day. "My name is John McCain and I am dropping out of the election due to Internet Embarrassment. I've outdone my self to a point where I feel I can not turn back."

Good Luck Barry Obama. I think you're rad and you were really hot when you were younger.