Vintage: Conchords - Vids

Brett & Jemaine are so fucking funny. Last year when I was doing a breif stint serving at Hemingway's, I was working on the patio and had been watching Conchords on ROD (Rogers on Demand) non-stop. I just could not get enough.
I saw this one guy who had the most uncanny resemblance to Jemaine and I had also been checking out this other cute boy who looked kinda like Brett. I always have a thing for those ones. Blue eyes and the beard, yum. Being my cool as self, I told them both about FOTC and they were like 'ok, sounds kinda cool'. Now for the best part, rounded them up like sheep's and pseudo-Brett, followed by pseudo-Jemaine got together for a pic, all for me. Thank god for being a crazy cool kiwi girl.


KarmaCake said...

OMG! That is so funny!!! What are the chances that they look IDENTICAL!

I love this... ahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Yooo... thats so funny how they look just like em.... the resemblance is uncanny

Your blog page is hype. Keep it up