whoa throw back mama

This evening I connected my trusty old external drive to find something and it's like a time capsule. I also realize that I keep everything, take a zillion pictures and am a total loser sometimes. I've been through a few laptops over the years and I keep backing that ass up on the same drive and now it's like those boxes in mum's basement and dad's storage filled with memories. I've had so many different hair colours, lengths and cuts. You may have seen this long red haired one? Crazy.I also saw this crazy streak in the sky just before the sun set tonight. I had a friend that was all about looking into conspiracy theories and she was convinced it was chemtrails.

trails in the sky from me on vimeo.
Vimeo is slow if you don't upgrade.


Raymi Lauren said...

i think i saw those same trails yesterday? 2006 hair looks hot.

CASE STUDY said...

yeah it was yesterday at like 7pm. thanks, hair was longer in the olden days!