reggae with chinese on top

Last night I ventured out to College Street with Sabrina and friend to Orbit Room. I asked the tweeps what was happening and knew that @mrharhar and @40deuce would be there too. Harlen was looking very colorful.They have an awesome band that plays the raddest reggae. I danced a little bit.

There was one really weird loser dude in an orange shirt that was wasted and kept hanging around. Made fun him pretty hard. I also got it on video but am saving it till 4:20 on Monday.
The night ended with a dine in stop at late night Chinese food heaven. It was so good. It was Excellent.


ANdrewisme said...

Lawrence Hwang sent me a request to stalk you.

CASE STUDY said...

haha awesome. get on it! there's about 500 posts on le blog :P