yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! i am nude no more!

Dear Threadless, I'm Casie & I love you.

Today after a meeting I came back my desk to find a lovely little t-shirt shaped package from Threadless. They are having a huge sale and I ordered a few goodies. I love getting mail. Their packaging is adorable, it arrived fast and prices can not be beat. Also, you are more likely to have unique clothes than the other kids who pick up their stuff at wanna-be hipster retail chains. Here's my new goodies. I got two shirts that glow in the dark too. Yahoooooooooooots!


Copywryter said...

I love Threadless, but I do think they've jumped the shark, design-wise.

CASE STUDY said...

It's hit & miss. Some designs are totally rad and some you think 'WTF who would ever buy that?'. I got some goodies. I'm wearing this one today