something big is coming....

I helped out with TwestivalTO in February, an event that took place at CiRCA and was part of a world wide effort to raise money for Charity Water. Toronto raised over $10,000 and we had hundreds of people out. It was a great party! Our friends at Daily Challenge are doing something awesome and when they asked for me to join their team for the event, I was all in!

The event is called Pay It Backward Day and the idea came from one of the earliest challenges for DC. It involves doing something nice and purchasing a drink for the person behind you in line (see image->). The goal is to beat Starbucks who have the current world record and get 500 people in a row to take part.

It is on Saturday, April 4th at Queen & John, Second Cup. It's right across the street from Much Music. The New Flow 93.5 will be broadcasting live, there will be all kinds of interesting stuff going on.
I've never broken a world record, that I know of, and I would really like your help to do it. So come. Join in on FB. I took this pix-mix of our city on the way to work today - Toronto the GOOD!