a pleasure to look at

Last week I went to the opening night of VH2 - An exhibit of contemporary paintings by Venus Lukic and K. Hinto. I was excited to see the newest paintings by my dear friend K. Hinto. I am a big fan of Hinto's work. I have two of his pieces at home and I fall for a new one every time I visit his studio. The show is on for the rest of March at Bisogno Espresso Bar (map). Most of the pieces displayed at have yet to be seen by eyes outside his studio. The photo below is one of my fav's but it could be yours if you get it first.


Karina said...

oh! i wish i could attend as well! His work looks wonderful.

- fellow art lover

J'aime said...

Thanks for the love Casie... This is one of my favorites too. <3