green is my favorite colour

St. Patrick's Day was a fun time. It's pretty hard to screw up a night filled with everyone feeling 'green' and filling themselves with beer. I had green stuff all over me. The Brazen Head pub was packed so we filled up a 20 person table at a different location and started the fun.
In the spirit of 'green' I'd like to point out a few things. My office building is green and has an Inorganic market for electronic waste. This is a growing problem in our world and I am proud that they are on it.
This beautiful mural is my favorite shade of green. I walk past it everyday.
Someone keeps spray painting this on garbage cans and buildings around. I am a fan of creative street art and creative graffiti. This is neither. I know infowars and what it is about but seriously, this is totally unnecessary. #FAIL.