who's fueling who now?

I got a lovely email from the folks at Fuel My Blog today that I am the blog of the day! Fuel My Blog is a cool community exclusive to bloggers, every new blog added is reviewed by a human before being accepted. I got reviewed and they like me, they really like me!!

Blogging is becoming cooler and cooler each day. In a world where anything can reach the media, go viral or change in an instant, I've really noticed an interest in blogging from those around me. As for myself, I love this blog and writing it! I started it for myself so I could remember stuff and let me tell you, it works. Except, I read old entries and forget that I wrote them, but that keeps it entertaining!
You can vote for my blog on Fuel My blog by visiting the site, or clicking the image below. My interview will be on their blog in the upcoming weeks. Thanks y'all!!


Anonymous said...

I like your style!

- Rosemary Fisher