Totally Kick'in It - Bettykiss Inc. Style

Retro inspired and ravishingly beautiful.

One of my incredibly talented friends has created something worth blogging about.

With her amazing sense of style and personality to boot, Arianne's Bettykiss Style Inc. is creating a revolution of clutch couture. Reversible retro inspired clutches that are bashfull and beautiful. Bettykiss Style "vows to remain true to the heart & life of a past era while injecting the sensibilities based on inspiration found in music, fashion & pop culture today.” I've been planning how many to order and exactly what styles and fabric I want. You can purchase via the webiste or direct from the group on Facebook (click picture to be redirected). I have known Arianne for several years and I am quite happy to see her true colors showing in such a wearable way. Well, a way I can wear her style now!!

To quote and recognize the fabulous designer, "let’s make impossibilities deliciously attainable; temptation just became a little more tangible. It’s ALWAYS been about you - I don't care what Joni or Janet have to say."

For more information click the photos to be linked up with my girl Arianne and her fantabulous style. ♥


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome, lady.

: )

CASE STUDY said...

Divine Caroline: