~ massive connection is about to happen ~

see the light, connect to it, wrap your arms around yourself and give you a hug, feel the love, spread your wings, fly, soar, dance, breathe, kiss, touch your lips together after you lick them, embrace the energy, let it move you, move it, push it into the space between us and feel the connection, feel the love, feel yourself, you are alive and you are here, this is why we all are, we are here together

there are more than 5743 people starting a global love movement, and i hope you'll join on October 4th at queen and bathurst for nuit blanche

This is to Inspire people how to party:
Video,Pop / Minimalist, Music Hip hop, turntablizm, progressive trance, straight up instrumental, original hip hop grooves packed full of cuts!!, Minimal German Techno, Electronica, Ambient / New Wave, Electro / House / New Wave, Electro / Death Metal / New Wave, Dirty, Techno, "meinspace"
7:05 deejayscootz, 7:40 K. Hintone, 8:00 Mathieu Droit , 8:20 Mr. Furious, 9:00 Mein, 9:45 DJ Dysruptv w/ radioG & MC Cadalac, 10:45 Kiss the Messenger, 11:30 Golden Girls ,12:10 Johnny Beatz, 1:00 DJ Citrus, 1:50 DJ Carl Collins