I really hope I see you again, but in case I don't, have a nice life.

I was thinking about a line from The Sweetest Thing, Christina says "Don't go looking for "Mr. Right", just go looking for "Mr Right Now"." I'm wondering why there is never a middle ground. How come one you meet someone and hang out a few times it is only a matter of time before the 'awkward talk'. Both not looking for a 'relationship' but without saying it you become satisfied with relationshit'; unknown ground where you're never sure where you stand. "Do I call?" , "Should I leave a message?"...its retarded. After dating, or being satisfied with Mr. Right Now, I find myself with an urge to drop out of the scene and stop meeting . It's boring, draining, and it doesn't take long to lose its luster. Dating, mating, what ever you call it, its a game and I'm done playing. I'm better off spending more time alone.