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June 26 2006»BBC Radio Show to air in New Zealand.

Flight of the Conchords’ 6 part BBC 2 radio series “The Flight of The Conchords” will air on National Radio starting Sunday the 2nd of July. The band officially apologise to fellow New Zealanders for certain inaccuracies in the show with regards to New Zealand. In defence they claim that at the time of recording the were under the impression that the show would only play in Britain. During the recording period they were quoted as saying “no one in New Zealand will ever know ahahahahahaha!!”. The Conchords would like to apologise for the following:

Flight of the Conchords are not from Taranaki, they are from Wellington.
Neil Finn is not from Wellington, he is from Taranaki.
It is stated that Taranaki’s main tourist attraction is the ‘Tunnel of Wasps’. In truth it is only third after ‘The Simulated Cow’ and ‘The Amazing Rock’.
Some New Zealand accents attempted by British actors (episode 6) are inaccurate bordering on racist.

The Series stars Rhys Darby, Rob Brydon, Neil Finn, Andy Parsons, Mike Sengelow, Dan Antopolski, Emma Kennedy, Daniel Kitson, Jimmy Carr, Nina Conti, Greg Proops, Jarred Christmas and Justin Edwards.

Fun Trivia
Dan Antopolski who plays Tim/Bernard in episode two can be seen in recent film ‘The Da Vinci Code’ in a small but significant role. He plays ‘Jesus Christ’.

The Flight of The Conchords BBC 2 Series National Radio Sundays at 2.30 PM.