i'd like you to come with me

My first post on this blog was April 2006 and the first post on the new guy is today, May 8 2009. My birthday. Change your links/RSS and get your eyes & fingaz to the new site and have fun.

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- ♥ Casie

the brighest sun in the sky

Is shining down today. Its warm out. I feel happy. I'm extremely grateful for the friends I have in my life. I love you. I jumped out of bed this morning and put on one of my new bathing suits from the Billabong sample sale. I got two amazing bikini's and a hot one piece. Great deals. It's still on today at 67 Mowat if you're interested. There's mad deals. I think I'll be wearing them all day! Still no plan for later, we'll just have to see how the day goes! I like it that way.

something from my old guy

I read over this blog and I think, I know I wrote all this stuff but it boggles my mind trying to remember where and when. I read it and I develop a feeling, a memory, something familiar. Last year on this day I was in Quebec City & Montreal for the first time. Was good fun and very relaxing. Makes me thingk, I feel like I could really use a get away.