absolutely, a total need for something different

I've always been a little different. I when I little I would mix match the couple outfits Mum would lay out on the bed to wear and make my own. I wore two different socks one time, orange and green to match the shorts shirt combo. I remember it. A parent turned to Mum and said "You're gonna let her go like that?" as Mum says, "If she feels confident like that then I'm not gonna stop her". Thank you Mum. It's important to be different. Mum made the dress I wore to the Notable TV party about 16 posts ago.


The video of the party just came out, go watch it now! Julian talked about the the Notable brand in his toast (3:28) which is my favorite part after Raymi and I at 2:40. haha j.k. There are some cool smart young people featured on Notable TV and I like how Julian wants to give people something different. I think that's important. I truly love the amount of motivation & determination amongst Generation Y in Toronto. There are some really cool things going on in this city. Makes me proud!

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