story: twitter saved the day

I recently tweeted a message asking if anyone knew someone at HP because I had a complaint to lodge. I was ready to rage. Several minutes after my message was out in the world I got an email from someone at HP who is in charge of client relations and prompted me to contact them to state my case.We had purchased a $300 HP scanner that would not work with Vista and wasn't what we needed. Plain & simple. I waited on the phone for an hour once before getting cut off, 3 weeks passed before I could find the time to ring them again. When I did, the CSR said we couldn't return itfor an upgrade or different model (past 30 days). She did tell me HP had a program coming out in a few months where I could return it so I would just have to wait. I was like WTF? Are you serious?
Well, through some magic and my charm, HP sent a waybill and took our scanner back and now we have a new one that is about $200 more, without paying any extra or shipping. It can scan a ton of pages on auto and is much quieter. It has a special add on thingy to scan negatives too. My rep at HP is named Carl and he is very nice and helpfull. Nice one Carrrrrrrrrrrllll! Thanks HP!