the more we get together,

the happier we'll be

"For your friends are my fiends and my friends are your friends" and #genyTO meetup's are a great way to get together! Yes, Raffi.
It was really awesome to see many familiar and new faces. I met some tres cool people and have lots of pix that I will add to the #genyto group on FB later this weekend.This month's meetup was at Andy Pool Hall. Must say I'm sorry that some of my stickers got 'stuck' on the pool hall and not just on peoples clothes etc. I won't be going back there with this a haircut. I recieved a nasty email today from Andy's that went something like "your f***in stickers, what the f**k ". Sheesh, sorry guise. Don't have to be so mean about it.
I had a blast dancing, it's abviously a really classy place. I wasn't quite having as much fun as barefoot lady. She went all out! For real.
I'm really excited to be part of this growing group of wired, creative, motivated young people. Seeing the growth from the first #genyto in February to last night's April meetup has been really cool. I've met some of the most inspiring & fun people ever.
Hope to see heaps of you out at #pibTO today 1pm, Second Cup @ 307 Queen Street and John Street! 100% of the proceeds go to SickKids so bring your travel mug and get in line!


Raymi Lauren said...

woah mean email i have never received one from all the places i tag my url. consider yourself lucky?

CASE STUDY said...

yeah i guess so. the email was short and the grammar wasn't even correct, so some dickhead must of wrote it.ha!