i'd like a ride in a little deuce coupe

Happy it's Friday, I mean Thursday. Nothing much planned for the weekend because I would really like to rest and be lazy and stay at home and show my TV some TLC. Saw these guys looking pretty in the sunshine on the way to work.
When I was little my Dad had a hot rod shop called 'Toys for Boys'. That site is someone else in NSW, Australia but you get it. His shop was B.I. (Before Internet). He made some of the best hot rods around and worked with the now late Boyd Cottington. Dad also worked with the Horton team at Horton Street Rod & Parts in Breslau. Today's sweatshirt features one of Dad's 32's. I'm pretty sure Mum used to wear it.


dw said...

KC! What about some Horton love!!

Something about insulation maybe?

I've got some more shirts with the '32 logo around... a nice brown T with dark brown sleeve trim.

p.s. psst... "Boyd Coddington"

love since kids

CASE STUDY said...

Updated to include a Horton link DW!! You've still got shirts around? Hmm, really? I love it. I wear Mum's old ones all the time. I think I know the brown one with the sleeve trim you're talking about!

Nathan R. Jackman said...

You are way to cute Casie dear! I love your blog btw and it has inspired me to start my own up as well! I have done a few with blogspot but for other reasons. Way to go!