spring has sprung out!

I went for three walks today. Yes, three. Hello spring, beach body and bike riding!

Walk 1. Brekky with some friends at the Old York Bar & Grill. I was in good company and we laughed our heads off at continuous random hilarity.
Walk 2. Went for a beautiful stroll in the Toronto Music Garden. "The garden was built in Inspired by the pictorial element in Johann Sebastian Bach's Suites for Unaccompanied Cello with each dance movement within the suite corresponding to a different section in the garden." [Learn more] I'm working on a video of my Toronto Symphony experience. Will publish later today! Took some cool photos by the water & in the garden.
Walk 3. My roommate and I walked down by South Beach & Marina 2. There is still ice on the water and it looked pretty neat. I did not know there was so many little places to walk around.


Anonymous said...

The CN tower/rusty sculpture pic is so so good...you have an exquisite eye for art! I also like the streetcar wires, thanks for reminding me.

Mercy Davenport