i was at naughty by nature last night and today is friday the thirteenth again

Last night I went to a fashion show for Brazen Hussy and Naughty by Nature at Circa. I did a major fail and left my camera battery plugged in and brought camera, sans battery. I must say, I do not like to be referred to as 'brazen' or 'hussy'. There were a few choice items I liked in the collection. The BEST part of the show was the violin player who played BRITNEY spears. OMG. I was loving it so hard. More than the clothes.
I met lots of cool ass peeps hanging out in the glass cube. Last month on Friday the 13th I got a tattoo. Remember? I was thinking it would be cool to get another tattoo today, like a little Friday the 13th thingy. This is not likely going to happen unless someone invites me like in the next few hours as I do not have an appointment anywhere. Today is really pretty outside and I wore pink Hello Kitty glasses.