i love you barbie ♥

Today is Barbie's 50th Birthday. I love Barbie. I still have all mine from when I was little including two corvettes, hair salon, house, TONS of clothes, accessories, shoes and much more. My favorite Barbie is Peaches & Cream. This is Hawaiian Beach Barbie wearing the Peaches & Cream Dress from 1984. She looks so great. Who'd know she was 50! I'm keeping all my Barbie clothes so I can have them made for me one day. I have heaps of gorgeous vintage dresses! Lucky for me there is now a whole line of Barbie clothing coming out. The Barbie blog has all the details and is written by Barbie. This week Jeopardy is featuring a category on Barbie TONIGHT for her birthday! Barbie is also on Twitter. Yahooo!