walking in the rain with a heart on

Last night Mr.Playmobil was in my room. He was looking good in his fancy work shirt and orange pants. He's got style. He was hanging out on the top floor at Bookshelf Bistro in the Receipt's Bar. Nice to see him again. He was alone but I know his friends hang out near there.
Today it's raining. The billboard for the new condo shows a bright scene. It doesn't rain when you live there. They are building a bubble I think. I hoped the rain would stop as I passed it but it did not and it rained on my face. Then I walked through more puddles.

walking in the rain from Casie Stewart on Vimeo.


Unknown said...

love the video. reminded me of some coolesque scene from a 70's french film.

CASE STUDY said...

Thanks dude!! I just got a new camera so making vids is so damn fun :)

Unknown said...

i can tell you're having fun with it..like your taste in background music, too...what's the track being used on this one? you should start doing a `hills'esque type thing on your vids where you post the name of the song playing in the back...make sure mtv doesn't sue, though. ;p