a story of beauty featuring me by darren

I walked into the salon tucked away in a lovely loft in the heart of Queen West. I was greeted by charming eyes and warm beats that made me forget it was even winter. The shelves were stocked with the hottest Redken and he politely took my jacket. I felt as if I had already escaped the winter blues and I had only just arrived.
Alas, the night begins...I was ready to relax, add some new blonde over my old ugly and chop a few strands off.
I was totally having a lovely time being the focus of his attention as I patiently awaited the results.VOILA!! My hair is looking bangin' with bright blonde and partial mahogany pieces to spice it up. The pix just don't do it justice. It's lovely. New camera comes next week.
Thank you Darren for making me feel so pretty. If you would like Darren to run his fingers through your locks call him, he's a babe. Find him @ www.darrenkwik.com