the people i know in a cloud

This image is a tag cloud of all my contacts on Twitter and what they do. The largest words are the ones that show up the most (in case you are unfamiliar with this kind of thing!). It is evident that the most predominate are 1. social 2. media 3. marketing. I find that the amount of new stuff I learn each day is greatly increased by following these people. The Twitsphere is an ongoing life stream of what is happening in the world around us online and offline. If you don't use Twitter yet, get on it! You can follow me very easily and begin the learning and sharing for yourself. I find it to be the greatest social tool at my fingertips for getting smarter, staying connected and branding. Twestival is a party uniting Tweeps from around the world. It is on Thursday, February 12th. Get your tickets here.