the good word? the beats are sweet

I’m definitely digging the poetic lyrical stylings of wordPEOPLE. Lead singer Missy C passed over their newest album ‘The Peoples Eatery’ for me to check out and I am impressed. I have a love for well written lyrics and lust for beats with rhyme and style. There’s a common sound between older Black Eyed Peas or Roots albums that is positive & uplifting, makes you bob your head while you listen.
Missy C has a soothing voice that makes me wish I knew the lyrics so I could sing along. I also know that she has wicked style, looking forward to seeing her on stage! The emcee ape.X can rhyme the way I like, quick but clear. Makes you want to listen to it over and over. My favorite tracks are ‘Just Don’t Know, ‘People’ cause of the fat fast pace and the album title track ‘The Peoples Eatery’. The track ‘Swinga Things’ has a really light beat that’s super catchy; reminds me a bit of Lilly Allen. I love it.The sound of this entire album is kinda R&B, funk, rock, with some old school flava; an eclectic mix of music to my ears. I can see myself dancing at their next show or on a sunny summer afternoon with pints and friends (same thing). I’m looking forward to their next show. They just played in Guelph last week. I’m keen to check out the live performance for stage presence, seems like they have a lot of energy, and well, that is exactly what I like.