Oh, that's just what I was thinking!

I'm not reading Perez nearly as much as I used to but my RSS feed had this today and I totally needed to share it.
And my mind wanders........

the most patient man on earth

Now this is truly amazing. There is something savant about this man; he is the most patient little spider around!

Nothing is too small to be art, nothing is too small to be noticed. With this in mind, think about about all your actions, large or small are things and how much of an impact you have on the world. No action goes unnoticed within the universe! This man said teachers used to make him feel small and thus he began creating very mini sculptures. He has an exhibit in Liverpool,UK where you can only see all the beautiful sculptures through a microscope! Very cool :)

Very incredible story! Not only is this mans art cool but he got a ton of cash for it!

over capacity!! really?

It's been a hot hot day on Twitter! I've sent a few updates and been monitoring it fairly close today. Seems that there are a heap of active users Tweeting on this chilly Tuesday in Toronto. I was looking for someone when I got a message that Twitter is Over capacity!!

Today I started following The Toronto Star. Great source of news in real time, however, it would be really great if Canada had mobile updates. I really enjoyed getting the mobile updates of people I chose to follow on my phone. I's a shame that in Canada we are so behind the times in technology as well as style!!