guess who's now following me on twitter?

My homeboy Barry Obama!!

Once I got this I sent him a message. I wonder is he, or his 'Twitter updater" will message me back. That would be a dream. Maybe Barack Obama updates his own Twitter and he really is made up of all the wonderful that I think he is. I'll stick with that positive mindset.

for my grandad ♥

i love and miss you
your spirit
will live forever
in my writing
you inspired me
and continue to
and i am thankful
for your love ♥

a little spray chalk on the sidewalk

i know what tapeminatti is now.

I spotted a photograph by Chris Wood and it was of a young gentleman spray painting Tapeminatti on a downtown sidewalk. I discovered that Tapeminatti is the place to go if you want to get your poster or message plastered all over the city.

My favorite thing that they do is sidewalk stenciling. It is done on any public property using only water-soluble spray chalk. It is most frequently done outside clubs or on busy streets in the downtown core. It's cool because they use chalk which is water soluble and can be used on walls or over existing posters. I reckon it makes for a very cool effect and unique campaign. I envision my name plastered and painted across the whole city....

The services offered are street postering, event flyering and retail campaigns. On the website there is a variety of media including music and heaps of interesting videos and documentaries.

There is an illuminati connection in the documentaries. It is interesting because Tapeminatti prefers to keep a bit secret too.

I enjoy mystery. I like to find clues.