Today, it happened.

It snowed on my jacket over lunch.I went to Starbucks, got the Globe and read many things. There was a Porter Pilot speaking about some Porter stuff to his mates. I read a few obituaries and had a slice of lemon poppy loaf. It was very windy and cold as I walked back to the office. Then the snow started coming sideways and very light. It landed on my jacket.

Sketches: Part I

I drew this sketch. It is called 'Skin Trade: pornstars are entrepreneurs'. I have it posted on my wall at home and I thought, why not post it here. I was thinking to myself how really, if you can make money selling your body as you may wish to, you are an entrepreneur. This is not something that I have done nor have any desire to. I was just thinking in general. The Free Dictionary online defines an entrepreneur as "A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture." Thus, I would say I am correct.
This is a sketch I did of my bike. It really is my pride and joy. Well, it was, until she got a flat tire because I left her in a bad hood over night . Now she's not going for any rides. Next summer, this beauty will be back on the road and all over downtown. Just how she likes it.

Oh, What to be on Halloween?

I was a sexy pirate, but what should I be next? I went out as a Zombie and was sexier than the rest! I've been out as an Olsen with my sister Mary Kate. I've been a nasty nun . I was drunk with pregnant traits. I've been a super hero a ghost and a witch. I was an old lady and she was a sexy bitch. I don't know what to wear, I'm pulling out my hair!!
Oh, what to be on Halloween!!

winter is coming

you know its time for winter
when the wooly socks come out
your hats and mits and scarves and such
and lots of little pouts

you know its time for winter
when the snow is on the ground
the streets are filled with slush
and your spirit feels a frown

you know its time for winter
when you're oh so bundled up
trying to keep warm inside
hot coffee in your cup

you know its time for winter
when holidays roll around
you gather with your family
and many drinks go down

you know its time for spring
when the flowers start to bloom
love is in the air
and sunshine fills the room

casie. oct.29.2008