Who wants a present??!!

This holiday season I have partnered with Givenchy to give away a lovely Organza Gift Set including a 50mL spray, 75mL silky body veil and a 75mL shower gel. This package is valued over $80 and would make an excellent gift for yourself of someone you love.

Givenchy Holiday Sets are beautifully packaged in a classic sequined
box with everything you need to celebrate the season. Organza highlights the femininity of every woman- that of the mother and the lover. Organza awakens a goddess that lies hidden in every woman. This is the perfect fragrance for an exceptional and timeless woman; a combination of elegance with richness and purity.
Please tell me your most meaningful holiday memory in about 100 words or less. I'll pick the one that makes my heart the warmest and contact you for shipping details.

Please write your story in the comments of this post or email me at I'll only post your emailed note if you want it to be published. Totally posting the winner ♥

Contest closes December 15th to ensure you will receive it before Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever it is you may be celebrating this year!

I'm looking forward to hearing your holiday memories!


CASE STUDY said...

The stories are coming in!! yaay!

Anonymous said...

Casie, I wish I had a wonderful holiday moment for you, but I find that usually holidays are stressful and when your family is falling apart. If I could pick a special moment, I remember when I was about 11, I woke up at 5:30 am and couldnt sleep because I was so excited, and my grandfather joined me in the living room, starring at all the presents with me until everyone else woke up, however secretly he let me open a bunch of presents early.

CASE STUDY said...

Thanks Jess! That's a great memory! I remember Mum letting us open 1 before Dad got out of bed ♥ I love the holidays!