cold? snug.

I was feeling quite cold on Sunday as I was lazing around. A friend suggested something called the Snuggie. Have you heard of it? Snuggie seems like a really weird word to me, look at it, 'SNUGGIE'.

I think this unit is following me around. Later that day I saw it on TV and today I got an email offering me a buy one get one free special. I think it's silly, however, I'd have to try it to find out just how useful it could be. I'm thinking it may be practical for an outdoor sporting event. Especially if you had a few sewn together so you could keep the whole family warm. Family size snuggie. Feel free to take advantage of this offer that was in my junk mail. I don't need it. I have heating, blankets and many lovely sweaters from New Zealand that my Nana knit.