I'll Show YOU Who's Beautiful!!

Someone I know got this email:

"Dear Whatever Your Name Is,

Your application to BeautifulPeople Network was not successful, the members of BP did not find your profile attractive enough this time round.

Please note, that only one in five applicants are currently making it into BeautifulPeople.com.

You are more than welcome to try again, perhaps with a better photo of your self or a more interesting profile text.We wish you every success the next time around.

Best regards,
BeautifulPeople Network

How about NOW bitches, will this help you think more beautifully...if I plastic my face and show of my lovely tata's and great ass. Is that what it takes to be beautiful? A little A & T? I've seen the profiles that they think are beauties, scantily clad seems like the way in. I'm not like that.

I've not tried my own face at acceptance, but I'm considering it heavily.
Just for sport of course!!