Do it Daily!!

I've been participating in Daily Challenge since the idea first came online and developed a community. I believe strongly in the power of positive thought and know from experience that thoughts really do become things if you believe in them!

I have submitted a challenge for you to sign up on, if you have not already, and tell me why you think Daily Challenge is a great idea?

Lets spread the word and get more people to


Anonymous said...

Good Challenge Cutie!

Call it Karma if you wish.

but if you do good, good comes to you.

and even if not, making someone smile is always a good thing!

and who knows, maybe the person in front of you will buy YOU a coffee one day!

CASE STUDY said...

Thanks Denise. Do it daily is the way to go!! The power of giving transcends all boundaries and spans the universe!!

Ali said...

What a great idea!

Love your blog btw, and thanks for the link love :)