This Baby Needs a Home!

My friend Hannah has a lovely kitty named Tucker who needs a good home. If you know anyone who would welcome Tuckster into their home. Please contact me or Hannah at her BLOG. He's a real sweet and snuggly guy.


I have a two year old tabby named Tucker (Tuck/Tucky/Tuckster/TuckerLucker and some days Fucker) who I adopted from a woman holding a cardboard box in a Tim Horton's parking lot when he was 7 weeks old. He was the runt of the litter and it took him 3 days to eat anything. I had to try many kitty concoctions before he would decide on wet food & kitten milk nuked for 25 seconds.

He has long surpassed his fussyness with eating. He actually has quite the appetite now which in turn gives him lots of energy.
Tucker used to be an indoor/outdoor cat when I lived in High Park with my boyfriend, dog and hamster. We had a backyard he could safely run around in. I moved to an apartment on Queen West last winter and so Tuck was forced to become an indoor cat and so he also has been forced to burn his energy by doing laps around my bachelor apartment. The good news for me is I am now moving back in with my boyfriend, the bad news for Tucky is he can't come with me.

My boyfriend (Grahamanator) is VERY allergic.
So, the search begins, I move November 1st and desperately need to find an animal lover who will take my Tuck in and love him unconditionally.

Tucker is a fanstastic creature. He's smart and funny and full of life. He comes into the bathroom when I am in the shower and meows at me. He crawls onto the tub so the water sprinkles him. Then when I get out he gets in and cleans himself under the faucet.
When I get dressed he follows me around and sometimes swipes at my ankles. It's his way of telling me whether he likes my outfit or not ;) Anyone who comes over, Tucker will jump into their lap, and when they go home, he cuddles up to me and sleeps next to me at night. He is very loving and affectionate. He is also very playful. Tucker is up to date with his shots and has been fixed.

If you are an animal lover who is looking for a friend and a cat to love.... Tucker may just be the man you are looking for.