So damn online.

Finally kids, I've got it sorted. The new URL for my bodacious bloggy is:

She writes, draws pictures, makes you laugh, causes a cackle and keeps you in the know. She has worked or been seen with Energizer, Microsoft, Givenchy, Burt's Bees, BlogTO , Comedy Network, Slice TV, The W Network, many other companies you know in all kinds of industries. She's done a zillion promotions in Canada and Australia. Her blog is entitled casie stewart: this is my life: people . places . things . thoughts: in attempt to keep more memories, and that, is exactly what she does. She is her theme, she is not afraid to cross any typical boundaries and her creativity is bursting day after day.
Move over Martha,
there's new Stewart in town.


Anonymous said...

Quite possibly the best blog ever, hop on the good foot and do the bad thing.
Much love

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Anonymous said...

hahaha. move over martha. i love it!